Diamond or Square Shape Glass Clock Workshop


Learn to create a Diamond Shape Glass Clock by hand cutting two pieces of fusible sheet glass  6" in shape.  Both pieces will be sanded and filed to remove any roughness and to soften the shape.  

The initial firing is conducted in a glass kiln at 1450 degrees F permanently fusing the two pieces of glass.  Afterwards, the student will select precut dichroic glass accents or create their own using art glass and a ring saw.  These pieces will be used to represent numbers on the clock.

A final firing @ 1350 degrees F will tack fire the accent pieces to the clock revealing a raised or embossed look and feel.

On the final day, the student will drill a hole to secure the clocks mechanism, install the hands and insert the battery.

TUITION includes all material, equipment and glass including clock hands, hardware mechanism and battery.   

SCHEDULE:  3 hours each

PICKUP IN:  5 days except Sunday and Monday.

NOTE:  Stand is not included.

Text or email to schedule this workshop on a day/time convenient for you @                 (615) 397-6406 or designsbysylvanye@gmail.com.