Microwave Kiln Repair & Re-charge Kit

Improved & Enhanced Repair & Re-Charge Repair Kit

Designs by Sylvanye Glass Studio sells one of the most sought after kits for repairing or recharging your microwave kiln. 

  • Has the black granite lining of your microwave kiln hood ever chipped off?
  • Is it taking longer to fire a design than it use to?
  • Have you fired your design so hot that it stuck to your base and has caused you to pull a pieces of the white base out?

Should you ever damage the inside lining of your microwave kiln or feel it is taking a little bit longer to fire your designs after months and months of use; than you need the revolutionary product developed for this purpose.

This unique kit comes with 4 ounces of specially formulated black granite powder that when mixed with a liquid substrate creates a permanent bond to the wall of your kiln that not only repairs any damage but recharges it as well (just like having a new microwave kiln). It also comes with a white paste substance that adheres to your base to plug any holes or chips. 


This Improved & Enhanced Kit comes with (3) 4oz jars instead of 2 and includes a special formulated white mixture to repair the base of your kiln and improved liquid mixture as well. 

Your Price:  $55.00

INTERNATIONAL CUSTOMERS  -  Please give me a call at (615) 397-6406 or e-mail prior to ordering for accurate shipping cost


Chip out of microwave kiln hood results in uneven firing (cold spots)

New pictures of damaged shelf bottoms forthcoming along with 3-jar kit