GRANDE & LARGE Microwave Kilns

Largest Manufactured Microwave Kiln
Fuse Glass, Fire Metal Clay, Fire Ceramics, etc.
(Includes: User-friendly instructions, sample COE 90 glass, fiberpaper, fiber shelf & tutorial)
The microwave kilns known as the "MICROKILN" sold from this website has been tested by warmglass & certified metal clay artists to perform as advertised herein.  You are provided step-by-step pictorial user-friendly documentation written by an end-user as well as support via email on every
MicroKiln sold from this site.
Designs by Sylvanye Glass Teaching Studio sells one of the ONLY MicroKiln (brand of microwave kiln) that has been tested to fuse glass, enamel copper, fire ceramic bisque, fire to sinter silver metal clay and Art Clay Copper and much more.
Most microwave kilns have a small 2.75"shelf size which will only accommodate (1) 1.5" x 1.5"  sq. pendant or cab.  Our 4.33" kiln shelf will fire up to (8) 1" sq. pendants or cabs

We also sell and support the LARGEST microwave kiln made for use in a microwave oven.  Outside dimensions of this awesome kiln is  9" x 4.5" with an inside footprint of 6.25" x 2.25"   WOW! 

Note:  You can fire glass, ceramic, and precious metals in 5 to 15 minutes using your new MicroKiln (microwave kiln) and regular microwave oven.

RECOMMENDATION ONLY:  Use a microwave oven whose wattage is 900 watts .  The higher the wattage (1100 & above) the faster any microwave kiln will heat up and will require several power level adjustments throughout the firing process.  Firing glass too hot, too fast can result in cracked glass, a glass blob or even damage to the microwave kiln floor.  This also rains true using conventional glass kilns as well.
Pictured is my MicroKiln setup along with a listing of materials listed below used to create the designs you see:

Microwave Kiln Recommended Tools & Supplies:

  • Fiber shelf - used to protect bottom of kiln - 1/8" or thicker fiber paper
  • Fiber paper - used to keep glass from sticking to shelf - 1/32" fiber paper
  • 900 watt microwave oven - used to provide heat to MicroKiln
  • Fusible glass (tested compatible glass) - various colors, types & textures
  • Heat resistant sheet - used to place warm MicroKiln on when removing from the microwave oven to cool
  • Tweezers - 9" tweezers to remove designs from the MicroKiln
  • Safety Gloves

LARGE MicroKiln includes Firing Supplies

  • Outer Dlmensions:   6.5" x 3.25"
  • Inner Dimensions:  4.5" x 1.75"
  • 4 Sheets of fiber paper cut to size
  • 1 Fiber kiln shelf - 1/8" fiber paper
  • 1 Pack of COE 90 fusible glass
  • User-friendly Instruction document
  • FREE Picture & Instructional Jewelry Tutorial
  • Email & Skype Support
  • Recommended Vendor Resource Documents
  • Microwave Kiln Help Desk (
MicroKiln LARGE  > $155.00
GRANDE MicroKiln - Largest Made
(does not include supplies)
  • Outer Dimensions:    9" x 4.5"
  • Inside Dimensions:    6.25" x 2.25
  • User-friendly Instruction document
  • FREE Picture & Instructional Jewelry Tutorial
  • Email & Skype Support
  • Recommended Vendor Resource Documents
  • Microwave Kiln Help Desk (
    MicroKiln GRANDE  > $305.00
      The MicroKiln Grande is shipped directly to your location from our supplier which reduces your shipping expenses enormously and is why supplies are not included.
      The Large MicroKilns are stocked in our Studio.                                                      


    • International Customers:  Submit your order via phone, email or the "Add to Cart" button which includes the shipping rate to US customers and immediately afterwards, you will be provided via email the International rate difference which will be the most economical shipping rate to your location for your approval.


    Microwave Kiln Accessories

    LARGE MicroKiln w/ 1" Fused Cabs
    GRANDE MicroKiln w/ 1" Fused Cabs